David H. Hembry

David is an evolutionary ecologist broadly interested in the evolution of interactions, and the consequences of these interactions for the evolution and diversification of lineages and clades. He is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.

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Darren M. Evans

Darren is an ecologist using network theory and DNA-metabarcoding to understand the impacts of environmental change on species-interactions and ecosystem functioning. Currently, he is reader in Ecology and Conservation at Newcastle University.

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Paulo R. Guimarães Jr

Paulo was my Ph. D. advisor and also my Post-Doc supervisor. He is interested in understanding the origin and maintenance of large-scale patterns in ecological systems, in terms of minimal processes that operate at different scales. Currently, he is a professor at the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. 

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Flavia M. D. Marquitti

Flavia is a biologist and an applied mathematician interested in applications of mathematics in ecological and evolutionary complex systems. Currently, she is a Post-Doc at the State University of Campinas.

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Jean Philippe Gibert

Jean is a quantitative ecologist interested in how ecological processes and patterns are affected by individual variation and spatial structure, and how these, in turn, affect the evolution of species embedded in large, complex networks of interacting species. He is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Duke University.

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Mathias M. Pires

Mathias is interested in ecological interactions and how they shape the functioning of ecological systems affecting diversity at local and regional scales. He is an Assistant Professor in Ecology at the State University of Campinas, Brazil.

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